6 Best Split Screen Plugins for iDevice

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6 Best Split Screen Plugins for iDevice

Postby Jacob Black » 12 Dec 2016 17:20

Apple has added screen split function on iOS 9, but this feature only supports part of iPads. So can iFans experience it on iPhone? Of course they can, there are lots of screen split plugins for you to choose after jailbreaking. 8-)

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1.Mimir ->supports iOS7.0-8.4
Mimir is an old split screen plugin, it can be supported on iPad running on iOS 8. It can help adjust app’s location and size.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

2.AppHeads ->supports iOS7.0-9.3.3
It is a task plugin. This plugin can be used to set a task and users can adjust app’s size.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

3.PullOver ->supports iOS9.0-9.3.3
It can help preview multitasking and cooperate with real background. It is very similar to AppHeads.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

4.Splitify ->supports iOS9.0-9.3.3
After this app is launched, users can split screen via slide right to left.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

5.VideoPane ->supports iOS7.0-9.3.3
This plugins is very nice, just video over a remote window. Users can chat with friends or view threads while watching video.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

6.Medusa for iPad ->supports iOS9.0-9.3.3
This plugin only supports iPad, users can split screen via slide right to left when this app is launched. And you can switch the split screen app via slide up and down.
Source address: kingcydia.cn

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