Cool Plugins for jailbroken iDevices Running on iOS 9.01-iOS 9.02

How to use 3uTools Jailbreak?

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Cool Plugins for jailbroken iDevices Running on iOS 9.01-iOS 9.02

Postby Jacob Black » 07 Dec 2016 15:31

It is known to all that jailbroken iDevices are supported to install the third party plugins, and a lot of iFans can not help installing jailbroken plugins immediately. This tutorial is mainly sharing some cool plugins for iDevices running on iOS 9.01-iOS 9.02. :D :D

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Warm prompt:

* Different plugins may generate conflict
* Some plugins can not be supported on several iDevice
* Please backup your important data files using 3uTools before installing the third party plugins.

Recommended jailbroken Plugins For iOS 9:

Bytafont 2 ( Font beautify widget )

iFile (Text management tool)

iCleaner Pro (Clean up iDevice’s storage) 

DataMete (Monitor traffic)

Afc2 Patch (View/Manage system files)

BatteryLife (Monitor battery power ) 
BetterFolders (Strength folders, iFans can set the built-in folder)
CCSettings (Control center widget)

Effects+ (Provide more photo effects for default camera)

FlipControlCenter (Shortcut key for control center)

iFile (Files management, it has been supported on iPhone6)

Nitrous ( Speed up the Safiri)

NoUpdateCircles (Delete the install / download icon)

StatusModifier (Revise status bar, it only supports 64-bit iDevices)

F.lux (Adjust colot temperature)

SwipeSelection (Strength the keyboard cursor)

UntetheredHeySiri (Strength screen wakeup)

Virtual Home (Strength Touch ID)

Alkaline (Beautify battery icon)

AlphaBadge (Adjust the transparency of the subscript) 
BytaFont2 (Replace font)

BlurBar (Beautify status bar)

BlurredMusicApp (Beautify the default music app interface) 

DockShift (Self-defined the color of Dock bar)

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