Cool plugin for iOS 10: iCleaner

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Cool plugin for iOS 10: iCleaner

Postby Jacob Black » 28 Dec 2016 15:32

iOS 10 jailbreaking tool is finally released after letting us wait for such a long time. Although this beta jailbreaking tool is very unstable, a lot of iFans are so excited to try it. This tutorial aims to introduce a fine plugin for you to release iDevice’s storage space. Currently, a lot of jailbroken plugins are compatible with iOS 10, including iCleaner.

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iCleaner can be supported on iOS 10, but now it is in testing period, so it may appear some problems while you using it. In addition, some users said that this jailbroken plugin help them released 2 GB storage space of their iDevice.

Currently, iCleaner also can be used on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For users who are new to iPhone, they may get annoyed at the insufficient storage space. iCleaner can help release iDevice’s space by deleting useless files and caches.

If you have jailbroken iOS 10, you may try to download this iCleaner in Cydia. You need to add this source ( Cydia first.

By the way, 3uTools can help clean iDevice’s garbage. Regular clean can keep iDevice fast and smooth. You may take this tutorial as reference: ... ng-3utools

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