Cream2: Make iDevice’s Control Center More Colorful

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Cream2: Make iDevice’s Control Center More Colorful

Postby Jacob Black » 29 Dec 2016 11:42

Since iOS 10 jailbreaking tool is released, more and more jailbroken plugins are supported on iOS10. Although some of them are still in the testing period, plugin developers are busying on their research and development.

Cream is a well-known jailbreaking plugin, and it has been upgraded to Cream 2. Now it can be supported on iOS 10. This plugin can make your iDevice’s control center more colorful, it is similar to the design of WatchOS.

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You can set personalized color for iDevice’s icon in control center after using Cream. Cream offers iFans with a color picker, and there are a lot of available colors for you to choose. In addition, you can find the configure panel of this plugin in Settings app, you can make a user-defined color in configure panel.

If you’re interested in Cream, you can download it in Cydia. You need to add this source ( into Cydia. :P

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