Hardware icloud removal and 3U tools

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Hardware icloud removal and 3U tools

Postby HighLander » 03 Feb 2018 02:13

if you are considering removing icloud / activation lock (hardware modification) on an idevice - in this case, an ipad Air (wifi + G) can 3U do the recovery process? should the ipad (or possible iphone) be put thrught the recovery (dont save previous data) process before doing the hardware procedure? Note youtube videos on methods, different types of idevice lock, etc. can the idevice be kept at the iOS it currently has? can i do a quick check with 3U to determine the current iOS version on the device? this inquiry is about learning data recovery, phone repair, etc. thanks I havent used 3U or iTunes but want to aks questions about what 3U can do. thanks H L

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Re: Hardware icloud removal and 3U tools

Postby kristine » 03 Feb 2018 08:51

Hello, if you use 3uTools on your computer, you won't ask this question.

3uTools is an all-in-one tool to help you manage your iOS device, more features you could refer this page:

Please note 3uTools won't help you unlock, whatever iCloud or Apple ID.

You could download 3uTools on website to have a try:http://www.3u.com

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