Is this Widget you Always Want?

How to use 3uTools Jailbreak?

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Is this Widget you Always Want?

Postby Grace Liu » 29 Dec 2016 14:49

Many iOS users like to set the wallpapers on 3uTools, but the icons would influence the wallpapers’ effect. It annoys many users. But a new widget - Evanesco has been released recently which may enable wallpapers present better.

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It is very easy to use Evanesco. When the apps are not working, the status bar, the apps icons and Dock will become transparent to highlight the wallpaper. When you want to use this app, you just need to click on the screen, and everything will recover normal.

You could make settings on Evanesco based on personalization
*Turn on / off the function which make Dock transparent.
*Turn on / off the function which make status bar transparent.
*Set alpha which could change the transparency of apps icons, status bar and etc.
*Set the time limit to determine for how long elements would disappear.

According to users who installed this app suggest that it gets good effect to hide the status bar and Dock as well as setting the lowest alpha of apps icon.

As time limit, you could set according to your needs, generally 2 to 3 seconds. The developers plan to add 3D gestures in the futures updates.

Now you could download Evanesco from BigBoss on Cydia, supplies iOS 8 to iOS 10.

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