More iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks to Check Out

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More iOS 10.2 Jailbreak Tweaks to Check Out

Postby Grace Liu » 07 Feb 2017 11:10

The first thing everyone search just after the jailbreak is compatible tweaks. Jailbreak is in full swing now. A Huge number of tweaks floating into the Cydia all the time. Today we are presenting here some more cool iOS 10.2 jailbreak tweaks to check out.

Wormhole.png (128.79 KiB) Viewed 3205 times

Wormhole Cydia tweaks are only for iOS 10 devices. Wormhole brings some fun new force touch toggles to your Control Center on iOS 10. It lets you Respring when force touching the Do Not Disturb toggle or use a 3D touch gesture on Wi-Fi toggle to bring up a button for your customized favorite website. A wormhole is available on Bigboss repo for free of cost.
You can click ... ts-to.html to know more about this tweak.

GorGone.png (195.11 KiB) Viewed 3205 times

Gorgone is an amazing Cydia tweak compatible with iOS 9 and iOS 10. It lets you enable the SplitView and SlideOver on the unsupported devices. Apple limited this feature for some latest new iPads like iPad Pro. Gorgone helps you in enabling them with home screen rotation enabling as a bonus. Gorgone available on Bigboss repo for free.

instalauncher.png (234.2 KiB) Viewed 3205 times

InstaLauncher lets you access any app in a very less time. You can bring up a launcher with every app you have installed on your device listed in alphabetical order using a defined Activator gesture. You can also see recently used apps and choose favorites in unlimited number. Instalauncher available in the Bigboss repo for the cost of $1.99.

Horseshoe.png (264.82 KiB) Viewed 3207 times

Horseshoe is an amazing Cydia tweak that allows you to consolidate all those pages in Control Center into a single page. Horseshoe combines the Music and Main Control Center Page into one while still retaining all the features of both. It is available in the repo for the cost of $1.99
You could click ... ingle-page to check more detail of this tweak.

⑤Stealth Cam
Have you ever wanted to take photos or videos when your iOS devices screen off? If yes, Stealth cam is the solution. With Stealth cam installed, you can simply press the sleep button when in the Camera app, then use the volume buttons as the camera shutter button. You don’t have to configure anything. It is available in Bigboss repo for the cost of $0.99.

Immortal prevents the expiration of signed iOS applications and bypasses the 3 free signed app limit. This means you can now install unlimited apps through Cydia Impactor with a free Apple Developer account without having to reinstall them after every seven days. Immortal available in Bigboss repo for free of cost.

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