Ryan Petrich Released 3 Jailbroken Plugins & Its Updates

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Ryan Petrich Released 3 Jailbroken Plugins & Its Updates

Postby Jacob Black » 10 Jan 2017 15:03

Ryan Petrich is a well-known developer in jailbreak community. Activator, this plugin allows jailbrokers to set custom-defined gesture for some tasks. Yeah, i think you’ve guessed that this plugin is developed and unveiled by Ryan Petrich.

This is a good news that Ryan Petrich has released three plugins which can be supported on iOS 10, including Activator, Flipswitch and FlipControlCenter. Another good news is that Ryan Petrich also brings updates for the three jailbroken plugins.

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FlipControlCenter is very interesting and practical, it allows you to customize the switches in control center. And now you’re allowed to add Location Services, Cellular and Low Power Mode to iDevice’s Control Center.

You are able to download them in Cydia, please remember to add source to cydia first.(Enter http://rpetri.ch/repo in the search bar.)

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