Speed Intensifier: Speed Up Your iOS 10 System

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Speed Intensifier: Speed Up Your iOS 10 System

Postby Jacob Black » 08 Feb 2017 17:07

Due to the system limitation, the time and speed for you to open the apps and animations are relatively fixed. Although the default speed is not slow and it conforms to most iOS users’ usage pattern. While some iOS users want to speed up program’s running speed, so this jailbreak tweak-Speed Intensifier comes.
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Now, Speed Intensifier is compatible with iOS 10 system. It prepares three accelerator modes for iOS users. Different acceleration mode corresponds to different acceleration range, Simple Mode can be accelerated in the main interface, and Merge Mode accelerate the main interface and part of the application programs, the Advanced Mode can be used on the main interface and all applications. It’s rate can be divided into ten degrees, you may set it according to your own demands.
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And if you are interested in this jailbreak tweak, you may download it in Bigboss of Cydia.

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