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How to use 3uTools Flash?

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Retain User data

Postby Min04 » 03 Sep 2018 00:39

My ios is version 12 beta 9 and if update it to beta 12 and i clicked Retain Data user will it just update my ios? because my find my iphone is on and i forgot my icloud password and i cant Recover it, I don't know if it will ask for activation lock. Help plss

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Re: Retain User data

Postby Grace Liu » 03 Sep 2018 09:08

You are not recommended to restore an iOS device that you don't know the iCloud password. After you flash, you may need to enter Apple ID and password to activate it.

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Re: Retain User data

Postby RandyDigital » 15 Sep 2020 12:14

It will not ask for your Apple ID. It will ask for your passcode. Just used the program to fix a boot loop locked iPhone X that had never been connected to iTunes or backed up on iCloud. Saved the family’s photos and booted up perfectly. (Problem caused by being maxed out on space)

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