How to Fix Error 2 Using 3uTools/ iTunes?

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How to Fix Error 2 Using 3uTools/ iTunes?

Postby Jacob Black » 27 Dec 2016 17:53

Problem Description:

Have you ever met with the problem that when you upgrade or restore iPhone/ iPad/ iPad Touch using iTunes, the recovery process stops and iTunes gives you a warning message that “This iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (2)”.

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Why this error occurred?

Apple or other third party security software may prevent the communication between Apple applications and Apple server or the sources on PC.


This kind of problem actually can be solved by updating security software, uninstalling security software, or correcting the configuration of security software.

A.Check the third party security apps

Please verify the following items when this unknown error occurred.

* The Settings of your computer’s date, time and time zone.

* You have already logged in as the administrator identity.

* If your PC or router has proxy settings , please try not to use this internet agency.

* Launch the built-in program in iTunes, check the connection and generate the report.

B.Update security apps

Security software company provides update list to their trusted sites and application regularly. If you update or install a newer version of Apple software recently, such as iTunes or Safari, you may solve the issue by updating the security software.

C.Correct configuration

iTunes can communicate with Apple serve after you update security software. And the security information must be configured correctly, so please contact related site to get support.

D. Temporarily stop or uninstall security apps

If your current security software is not compatible with iTunes, you may stop using it and check it. Please make sure that you already known the necessary verification of this security software before you uninstall it.

In order to reduce the security risks of this security software, please ensure that all files required are available and remember to disconnect it from the network before uninstalling security software.

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hello friends

Postby MichaelGuRge » 27 Jun 2017 12:30

how are you?

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Re: hello friends

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MichaelGuRge wrote:how are you?

I am good, how about you? :D

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