iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks: PMP, Locus, Safe Texting & Biolockdown

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iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks: PMP, Locus, Safe Texting & Biolockdown

Postby Jacob Black » 28 Mar 2017 16:40

Today, i am going to show you some compatible jailbreak tweaks for iDevices running on iOS 8. If you're interested in the tweaks i showed below, you can find them in bigboss of Cydia. By the way, remember to jailbreak your iDevice before installing them.

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* Protect My Privacy
Protect My Privacy (PMP) lets you protect your personal information on your iPhone. When an app attempts to access this information an alert is shown and you have the option to "Protect" or "Allow". When protect is chosen, PMP supplies fake replacement information, such as randomized contact names, or a location specified by you. You can quickly switch between real and fake information, even while the app is running using the Notification Center widget.
You can protect your Location, Identity and Contacts (Address Book). Future versions will protect even more information types.

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* Locus
After installing Locus on iDevice, it will turn on the location service of the app you launched. If you close this app, so the location service will be closed. The purpose of this app is to save iDevice’s power and protect your personal information form leaking.

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* Safe Texting
You can know if your friend has read your message or if he/she is going to reply your message while you using iMessage app. But it may bring you inconvenience sometimes. Safe Testing will you help you out of this trouble.

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* Biolockdown
You may be very annoyed if someone using your iDevice, no matter he’s your friend or a thief. Biolockdown will stop someone else accesses the important part of your iDevice. Of course, you need to set a lock on iDevice. This tweak can support iPhone 5s and above.

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Re: iOS 8 Jailbreak Tweaks: PMP, Locus, Safe Texting & Biolockdown

Postby ParkPrince » 27 Jun 2017 10:49

That's great and I will try later

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