Common Apple iOS 14.0.1 Issues & How To Fix Them!

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Common Apple iOS 14.0.1 Issues & How To Fix Them!

Postby bradd1906 » 12 Nov 2020 13:43

It has been only a few days in September, Apple pushed its latest iOS 14 updates for all the iOS 13 supported iPhones. It has not been a smooth ride so far. iOS 14 was plagued by bugs of different severity. The newest version of iOS coming with bugs and glitches isn’t something new. Last year’s iOS 13 update was a complete mess at launch.
However, when compared to the iOS 13, this year’s iOS 14 had a much better release. However, it is still not a perfect update with the complaints pouring in from all quarters.
The usual suspects which everyone is afraid of in the iOS 14 update were- abnormal battery drain, unexplained crashes, connectivity issues, bugs with Widgets, UI lag problems, first and third-party apps not working, issues with Face ID, and many more. We all have gone through them in earlier updates and we are at a crossroads one again.
A couple of days ago, Apple released another patch iOS 14.0.1 as a fix to the issues users found in the iOS 14. However, iOS 14 issues have not been dusted away completely with the latest hotfix.
iOS 14.0.1 Issues
The struggle of Apple users continues with iOS 14.0.1 issues. Although, the devs had released the patch as a fix to iOS 14 issues. It failed to completely address all of them. There are many users who are reporting more on crashes, battery drain, a graphical glitch with widgets, connectivity bugs with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, performance lag, and search issues. The first thought that usually comes to mind is to revert to iOS 13, but you can look for options here to fix iOS 14.0.1 issues.
Here, we will talk about the most common iOS 14.0.1 issues faced by the users and how to solve them, if possible. However, there is a possibility that you might have never faced some of the iOS 14.0.1 issues listed below. It is always advisable to check for the new iOS update available before proceeding with the fix.
How to fix download iOS 14.0.1 issues?
Many people faced the issue where they were unable to download the update. The most common reason that might prevent you from downloading the latest iOS update is an incompatible device. The latest iOS release is available for iPhone 6s and better. As a result, if you are using iPhone 6 or older, you are not eligible for an iOS 14 or higher upgrade.
The second reason that you are unable to download iOS 14 update onto your phone has to do with your internet connectivity. Apple doesn’t allow you to download large updates or software while using mobile data. As a result, you won’t be able to download the iOS 14 update without connecting your phone to WiFi.
Finally, you might be facing issues installing iOS 14 lies with the storage. If your phone hasn’t got enough space to download and run the iOS 14 update, you cannot proceed with the update.
To ensure that you have sufficient space to install the latest iOS update, go to settings, then open storage, check whether you have enough storage to download the update. I would suggest you keep at least one gigabyte more than the iOS 14 update size for a smooth experience.
Also, ensure that you have deleted the beta update profiles (if you opted for the program). Even if you download the iOS 14.0.1 update, you will not be able to install till your phone is plugged in or have more than 80% battery. It would make the installation process a lot smoother.
How To Fix iOS 14.0.1 Battery Drain Issue?
One of the biggest gripe that users have with any new iOS version is excessive battery usage. It is hard to say that iOS 14 drains the battery quicker, but many people are complaining about this issue.
The possible explanation for the battery drain issues is that your phone is optimizing itself to work better with the update. As a result of this optimizing process that is happening in the background, your phone might be using more battery. It is advisable to restart the phone and check for unnecessary third-party apps running in the background.
This issue is temporary, and your phone will start working fine after the optimization process is complete. Still, you should check your battery health by opening settings, tapping on the battery settings, and checking the battery health. If your battery health is low, it means that it is not working to its full capacity, and you need to change the battery to keep your phone going for an extended duration. Or there may be a chance of third-party apps eating away the resources. Try to delete them if not using.
You can also make certain changes to your iPhone to extend the battery life. These changes include disabling auto-brightness, disabling background app refresh, and turning off location services.
How to fix iOS 14.0.1 issues about widgets?
One of the major features of iOS 14 is the ability to add and edit widgets. Some people were complaining that they are unable to add or edit widgets on their iPhones.
If you download a new app, there is a possibility that you won’t be able to add a widget by clicking the “+” button after you long tap the screen.
At present, Apple hasn’t issued an official fix, but you can overcome the issue by using the app for some time before adding the widgets.

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