How to add or change movie covers? (Ipod Touch 4th gen)

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How to add or change movie covers? (Ipod Touch 4th gen)

Postby Pepemaraton » 08 Aug 2018 11:09

Hello, this is my first publication. I hope everybody is doing fine!
I like to help autistic children with old ipod touch, usually from the 4th generation.
The problem is that I can not find a way (neither with iTunes, nor with your excellent tool) to add or change the covers of the movies.
It is very easy to do it with music, but not with movies.
As you should know, autistic children are very structured. If a film does not have its cover, it is possible that they enter in crisis.
I have seen that ipod touch for some years, and now with both smartphone and tablets, the positive effect it produces in children suffering from autism.
If that function is not present, I would greatly appreciate the developers who included it in future software updates.
Thank you very much.

Sergio from Costa Rica.

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