Number of files?

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Number of files?

Postby MrCC » 25 Jun 2023 02:59

I'm trying to export photos from my Iphone 13.
I have been exporting them by years, but one thing strikes me.

It doesn't match the number of files on the screen that shows the current progress. The number of files after the export on my computer is then also different?

Where could the problem be? I don't want to lose the photos. (After exporting to PC I wanted to reset the Iphone and delete the photos).

Screen 1: (exporting from 3UTOOLS) -> attach1
Screen 2: Files in my PC after the export is completed -> attach2

Files cnt:
1. 12 697 (in progress bar)
2. 12 590 (on bottom panel)
3. transfered files in my PC

Can you please explain it, where the problem?

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