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3uTools Forum Rules

Postby kristine » 08 Dec 2016 15:15

Please read rules as below carefully :

1. 3uTools Forum is for all iOS users, you can view/ post /comment/like any post on Board Index.

2. 3uTools is updating some tutorials/ Apple news /iPhone Tips for all users,
if reposted, you need indicate that the source is from 3uTools Forum clearly.

3. Spam and advertise are not allowed in all sections on 3uTools Forum.

3. Use search button to view some topics or articles you want.

4. Use "Report Button" when you find useless or spam post.

5. You can't post a link until all your posts over 20.

6. No fights or insulting allowed or you will be banned immediately.

7. Don't start topic with useless titles, you can start a topic in “General talk ” if your post is not related with our Board Index, or it will be deleted immediately.

8. Posts useless or already posted threads are not welcome here, if repeated we will delete it.

9. Thanks collectors and users who posts useful information on 3uTools Forum.

10. Contact us at anytime if you have problems
Facebook Group : https://www.facebook.com/groups/3uTools/

11. For more news or tutorials, you can visit 3u official website: http://www.3u.com

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Re: 3uTools Forum Rules

Postby Punot1992 » 13 Jun 2019 22:30

Got it.

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