How do you update iOS on a jailbroken iPhone?

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How do you update iOS on a jailbroken iPhone?

Postby kristine » 19 Dec 2016 15:58

Actually many people has a misunderstanding for jailbreaking iPhone,which will have more authorities in iOS after jailbreking, meantime it will not stable compared with a normal iPhone.

You can flash your iPhone back if you don’t want to stay in a jailbreak statu.

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These 3 tips from 3uTools could be helpful.

Firstly, head to Settings > iCloud and disable Find my iPhone/iPad if it’s on.

1. Full Restore, you can flash your iPhone to latest iOS signing firmware, and some jailbreak plug-ins may still in you iPhone , but you won’t see that and also won’t affect use experience on your iPhone. Because after flash ,your iPhone will in a normal model.

2. Not Restore, you can flash your iPhone to Apple latest iOS signing firmware,and your iPhone like a new iPhone, which you need to input your old iCloud and passwords again to reset.

3. Check “Cydia Impactor” in Cydia from your jailbroken iPhone, which can flash back your iPhone current iOS directly. But I forgot which iOS still support eaxctly, so please check it. I remember it support iOS8.0-iOS 8.4. If you can use this method you can restore your iPhone first and use “Cydia impact” to reset your jailbroken statu to currently iOS Normal Version.

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Hope it would help you, by the way you can flash by 3uTools, it will safer .

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