How to Turn on Enable Dictation on iPhone 7?

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How to Turn on Enable Dictation on iPhone 7?

Postby Jacob Black » 23 Dec 2016 16:22

You may have noticed the microphone button to the left of the space bar on your keyboard and wondered what it does. Dictation on the iPad and iPhone converts your words into text, it can make typing in iOS easier but it’s also easy to accidentally activate with an inadvertent touch. For a variety of reasons you may want to either turn it on or off, and if you don’t use Dictation it’s simple to disable which also hides the little microphone button from appearing on the keyboard.

* Launch Settings app -> click General.

11.jpg (76.83 KiB) Viewed 2508 times

* Find a and click Keyboard -> Enable Dictation.

22.jpg (57.03 KiB) Viewed 2508 times

Note that if you disable Dictation, the microphone button on the keyboard will also be disabled. Dictation is a great feature and we would generally recommend having it on due to it’s wide range of uses.

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