How to Save iPhone From Water Damage?

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How to Save iPhone From Water Damage?

Postby Jacob Black » 12 Jan 2017 17:21

If you accidentally drop your iPhone in water, this may bring you a pretty trouble feeling. Water will bring deadly damage to your iPhone, so you need to adopt some effective measures to save your iPhone from water damage. But some incorrect methods may easily make matters worse. This tutorial aims to introduce some useful and practical methods for you to solve this kind of problems.

What should i do if iPhone is in water?

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Step1. First of all, you need to pick up your iPhone from water.

Step2. Take off phone shell or headphone.

Step3. Take out SIM card from iPhone, and wrap iPhone with tissue.

Step4. Wipe the water on iPhone’s interface or gap with dry tissue or cloth.

Step5. Now, you need to make iPhone’s speaker, power port, SIM card slot, and telephone receiver dry. You’re suggested to dry them with a hair drier.

After you complete the operations above, please wait for an hour and then try to restart your iPhone so as to check if it can work normally. If your iPhone is in water for a few hours and it shutdown automatically, you’re suggested to send it to Apple after-sale service.

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