Do You Prefer Apple Watch S1 Or Apple Watch S2? Why?

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Do You Prefer Apple Watch S1 Or Apple Watch S2? Why?

Postby Jacob Black » 13 Jan 2017 15:14

Apple now releases two different versions of Apple Watch — Series 1 and Series 2. If you’re going to purchase an right Apple Watch for you, i think you’d better know the differences between them at least. So, what’s the difference between these two models? This tutorial is mainly introducing the differences between Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2, you may make your own decision after view the whole tutorial.

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Question1: How to distinguish Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2?
Answer: The first generation Apple Watch was released in Fall, 2014. While Apple Watch Serial 2 was unveiled in Fall, 2016.

Question2: Which one should i purchase?
Answer: You need to know the differences between Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2 before purchasing.

Apple Watch Series 1: Aluminum case with sports strap, waterproof rating IPX7 (you can’t put it into water). It has all the features of the first generation Apple Watch, and it was equipped with the new S1P dual-core processor and watchOS 3.

Apple Watch Series 2: It has all versions, including the Nike+ customized version. For the new generation Apple Watch, it was built-in GPS, so it can help record the outside sport data even Apple watch is separated from your iPhone. In addition, Apple Watch Serial 2 is rated water resistant to 50 meters. It was also equipped with the S2 dual-core processor, a brighter display and watchOS 3.

So for iFans, you can buy a right Apple watch according to your own demands. If you’re interested in swimming or other underwater sports, you’re suggested to purchase Apple Watch Series 2.

Question3: How about the connection between Apple Watch and iPhone Bluetooth?
Answer: iPhone needs a longer time to open Bluetooth compared with Apple watch, and the time of endurance will be decreased. Generally speaking, if you want to normally use all the functions of Apple Watch, you need to connect it to iPhone first. If your didn’t open the bluetooth of your iPhone, Apple watch will search and connect to the network in current environment automatically.

Question4: How about the application of Apple watch?
Answer: Applications of Apple Watch Serial 3 has been improved than before, it includes all the basic functions. In addition, the third-party applications experience Apple Watch on Apple Watch can not be compared with the iPhone.

Question5: Is Apple Watch worth purchasing?
Answer: I think this question can be replied from the following three aspects.
First of all, Apple watch is an intelligent iDevice of iPhone, and most if its function can not be realized if you separate it from iPhone. With Apple watch, iOS users don’t need to pick up their iPhone now and then, and you won’t miss some important notifications. Secondly, Apple watch is an iDevice with high comprehensive abilities. IT can help you record the sport data, so if you’re a sport lover, this is worth for you to buy it. Thirdly, Apple watch is very popular and beautiful.

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