Share iPhone Photos with Your Family and Friends

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Share iPhone Photos with Your Family and Friends

Postby kristine » 16 Jan 2017 17:01

iPhone has an amazing camera. It’s no secret we take hundreds of photos when we’re on a trip or when we meet people. But most of the time, they just end up on our iPhone, collecting dust. Maybe you select some photos and send them to your friends using WhatsApp or email. But that’s a pretty one-sided interaction.

Why Use a Photo Sharing Service
If you’re looking for reasons to switch to a photo sharing service, or you need reasons to convince your friends or family, here they are.

1. iCloud Photo Sharing
If all your friends and family are in the Apple ecosystem, it makes sense to use the built-in Apple option. iCloud Photo Sharing feature is available in the “Shared” tab in the “Photos” app and is ready to go.

iCloud Photo Sharing might not be turned on for you. On your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings” -> “iCloud” -> “Photos” to see the option.

When you go to the “Shared” tab in the Photos app, you’ll see an album called “Family” created for you already. You can just start using that or create a new one.

Tap the “+” icon to create an album by giving it a name. From the next screen, you’ll be asked to add members. Search for people in your contact list, add them and tap on “Create”.

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2. Google Photos
Google Photos is cross platform, it’s easy to share from iPhone, iPad, Android and even the web. If your friends and family are split between iOS and Android, this is basically your best option. And that’s not a bad thing because Google Photos is a nicely designed app with a seamless workflow. The feature is a bit hidden but once you figure out where it is and how it works it becomes second nature.

To create a new shared album, tap on the “Albums” tab in the bottom and select “Shared” option.

Next, give the album a name and invite people to it. If your friends or family are already Google users who are in your contact list, this process is really simple. And then you’re done.

Invites are sent, and you’ll get notifications when they join, comment or add photos. From the album’s menu, you can copy the public link to share the photos as a website with people who don’t have a smart phone.

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3. Facebook Moments

Facebook’s photo sharing app is quite specific, with only apps available for iOS and Android. But it’s really good at one specific thing. Getting photos of you, from other people. And a really great use case for this is when you go on trips with your friends who are your Facebook friends.

The app does some really smart facial recognition things that lets you automatically select photos you have of your Facebook friends and share it with them using the Moments app (alternatively you can do this using the Facebook Messenger as well).

The only issue is that Facebook does compress the images, especially if you send it using Messenger.

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