Cequel Communications Third party app

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Cequel Communications Third party app

Postby RLNTEX » 13 Aug 2017 12:50

I have an iPhone 5S that has reached in EOL through Apple and the leasing company called Suddenlink so I bought the phone from a refurbisher that deals with Suddenlink. The problem is that this "Cequel" app will not be removed if it has it's way. I have tried of course itunes (no help) and then tried 3Utools. Now the thing here is that it will allow me to flash the iOS but Cequel is buried pretty far into the iOS and I don't know how to get it out. Cequel is a monitoring software that tracks your every move through their servers for Suddenlink communication. The program (Cequel) is designed to follow everyone in the company and track their moves so that dispatch can redirect the installers to more urgent jobs. The problem is, I don't work for Suddenlink and I want to get this off my new phone, How do I do this using 3UTools. It is an iPhone 5S locked to AT&T

Please help me, I bought this phone fair and square but I don't want the third party spying on me for no reason.

Grace Liu
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Re: Cequel Communications Third party app

Postby Grace Liu » 14 Aug 2017 09:34

Dear, if the problem still exist after you flash on 3uTools, then we can not help you.
Sorry for that.

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