Should Apple worry about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8?

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Should Apple worry about Samsung's Galaxy Note 8?

Postby kristine » 28 Aug 2017 10:56

Last year, Samsung was kind to Apple.

Its Note 7 exploded onto the market and then promptly blew the company's brand image into shards.

With the release of the Galaxy Note 8, Samsung attempts to put the pieces back together and reassure those willing to spend a lot of money on a phone that they can safely do so with Samsung.

But the problem with reassurance is that it is, by its very nature, non-threatening.

It was unlikely that Samsung would release something startling when it needed to give its customers a warming stroke, rather than a burning feeling.

Still, will any tremors have coarsed through the odd Apple vein?

Cupertino will have likely looked at the Note 8 and noted that its price allows any potential "iPhone 8" pricing – I'll bet you $999 that the so-called iPhone 8 will start at $999 – to reach four figures without seeming gougeish.

What do you think of that?

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