Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

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Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

Postby grnz9mn » 19 Nov 2017 11:43

I have an iPad 4 that will not restore using iTunes. Black screen, that lights up slightly while trying to restore, displays no apple logo anymore. (At one point I at least had the logo & connect to iTunes, but that wont come back again) I downloaded 3uTools & the Firmware and tried to flash. The error message I get is "Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode." I can hear the computer recognize it, disconnect, recognize and disconnect again. It's seen - but not there when trying to recover or do anything else! Why can't I just restore this iPad??

Before anyone asks, I've run through all of Apple's "troubleshooting" steps. Nothing has worked. Not even this program! Can someone at least give me an explanation? Could this be due to a bad battery? The device is almost 4 years old, I believe. Could it just need replacement or would this even cause that issue? Using a brand new qualified charger, it charged for 8 hours - and is recognized by the PC - so I would assume the battery is fine?

At one point it began to restore, but never completed. It had the Apple Logo & a progress bar that got stuck before going black.

Please ask for any more details if they will help. Thanks.

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Re: Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

Postby kristine » 20 Nov 2017 10:05

Hello, I think you could put your iPhone back to normal mode first, and then follow this guide to enter Recovery Mode to flash your iPhone directly.

How to enter recovery mode
*Ensure 3uTools is displaying that your device is in normal mode.
*Turn off the iOS device.
*Press the Power button, and the white Apple logo will appear on the screen.
*Don't release the Power button, and then hold the Home button till the screen become blank.
*Please release the Power button as the screen become blank, but don’t let go Home button. The device enters recovery mode when 3uTools detects an iOS device in recovery mode.

We have tested on this error, you coud flash again or enter Recovery mode manually as I said. Hope it works

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Re: Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

Postby ultrasaldah » 10 Aug 2019 20:43

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Re: Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

Postby Wlee2060 » 06 Feb 2020 09:24

It seems that there is some software-related issues on your iPad 4. Maybe you can try this professional iOS repair tool like TunesKit iOS System Recovery, which can help you fix various iOS problems, such as iPad stuck in recovery mode, DFU mode, white Apple logo, etc. I once used it to fix my iPhone back to normal. Recommend you have a try.

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Re: Unable to switch DFU Mode to Recovery mode

Postby Yilia1988 » 17 Feb 2020 21:42

Are you desired to put your iOS device to recovery mode? It's suggested to use a free option in Joyoshare UltFix ios system recovery, which helps to automatically boot device to recovery mode with just one click.
Besides that, it works to repair kinds of software issues with no data loss even on your iDevice and Apple TVs running different iOS.

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