Creating iPhone ringtones & posting them on iTunes Store

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Creating iPhone ringtones & posting them on iTunes Store

Postby MumMum222 » 04 Sep 2018 18:18

Hi everyone,
I want to create ringtones and upload them on iTunes Store so people can buy them. Do you know where I can start with that? I know how to create them, I just don't know how I can upload them on iTunes Store. How do I go about it?
Many thanks.

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Re: Creating iPhone ringtones & posting them on iTunes Store

Postby Jadehoyer » 10 Sep 2018 17:38

The only way to get ringtones from iTunes is to download a song and cut a portion of it out, making every ringtone unique. Apple was smart to do this; people can customize their own ringtones to the very second of their favorite songs. And, only supported songs are ready for ringtone creation. Some iTMS purchases are not. You could make your own ringtones in Garageband with DRM-free content, but if you are trying to sell published material, expect some lawyers to come knocking on your door.
If you are a musician and want to upload your own work, then you just need to talk to Apple and work out a deal. Then people could download your music and make their own 'tones should they choose to. But you cannot sell other artists' songs.

There have been some strange lawsuits and legal battles in the music and video industries ever since we entered the digital age. I think there was something somewhere suggesting that the RIAA doesn't want you to be able to import your own CDs onto a computer, because that requires making a digital copy. As if everyone in the world plans on illegally sharing (or selling) music... but I digress.
So, no, you can't just go about doing this. Doesn't work if you are not the sole author of the music you want published.

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