How to read .3unote files with 3uTools

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How to read .3unote files with 3uTools

Postby dazdgn » 07 Sep 2018 19:41

Hi there,
My iPhone 7 had an issue that made it unusable and I got an iPhone 6 temporarily.
A friend of mine did a backup of the iPhone 7 that had an issue and was able to save my notes to a USB Flashdrive under a file in *.3unote
I have downloaded the 3uTools software and have been trying to navigate the tutorials on your website for hours to open my notes on the iPhone 6 but I can't seem to find how. I have tried restoring the backup file to the iPhone 6 as indicated in the tutorial but it says "no backups found" even though I direct it to the folder where the .3unote file is located. I also tried "exporting" the .3unote file from the device to my PC but all I get is random characters.
I just wanna be able to read my notes...
Any advise on how to open them whether on my computer or phone?

Thanks a lot!

Grace Liu
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Re: How to read .3unote files with 3uTools

Postby Grace Liu » 10 Sep 2018 09:48

:) Hello friend, to better help you, please offer more details:
What is the iOS version of iPhone 6 and iPhone 7 respectively?
Did you made the full back up on your iPhone 7 using 3uTools?

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