easy and pro flash failed with bricked mini 2

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easy and pro flash failed with bricked mini 2

Postby pomkom » 11 Jan 2019 02:58

The ipad mini 2 is stuck at recovery mode with itunes, it is bricked.
Easy flash failed at 20%, code was -1
Pro flash had this texts that i dont understand

!!! represents ! icon
xxx represents X icon

!!! 02:38:36 Friendly reminder:
!!!02:38:36 Please make sure iDevice turned off 'Find My iPhone'
!!! 02:38:36 The iDevice could not be activated without Apple ID after flash, if the iDevice turned on 'Find My iPhone'
!!! 02:38:36 Method to check: Settings -> iCloud -> Find My iPhone
02:38:36 Checking disk free space
02:38:36 Please connect USB cable to iDevice, make sure your iDevice in DFU Mode
02:38:36 Reading information from iDevice
!!! 02:38:36 Product Type: iPad4,4
!!! 02:38:36 MAIN CPU ID: 8960
!!! 02:38:36 Filename of firmware : iPad_64bit_12.1.1_16C50 .ipswipsw
!!! 02:38:36 Firmware Version: 12.1.1
!!! 02:38:36 Product Build: 16C50, 16
!!! 02:38:36 Image4 supported: TRUE
!!! 02:38:36 Generator: 0xb829717d4b6d6593
02:38:36 Requesting shsh2
02:38:37 Saving SHSH2 file to our server
02:38:37 Extracting FileSystem from firmware
02:38:37 Reading ECID
!!! 02:38:37 iDevice ECID: 000004F5F33468D0
02:38:37 Reading random NONCE
02:38:37 Querying for SHSH file on Apple Server
02:38:38 iDevice will connect to DFU Mode automatically (5 minutes in Win7)
02:38:38 Loading iBSS component
02:38:40 Reading random NONCE
02:38:40 Loading iBEC component
xxx 02:38:51 iDevice will connect to Recovery Mode automatically (5 minutes in Win7)
!!! 02:38:51 Product Type: iPad4,4
!!! 02:38:51 Product Name: iPad mini 2
xxx 02:38:51 Flash is failed with retaining user's data
02:38:51 Flash and jailbreak of apple device, please visit official website of 3uTools
xxx 02:38:51 Elapsed Time: 00:00:14

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Re: easy and pro flash failed with bricked mini 2

Postby Grace Liu » 14 Jan 2019 09:19

Error -1 could be cause by USB connection, network problem or hardware issue. You can check the following tutorial to fix it: http://www.3u.com/tutorial/articles/694 ... in-3utools

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Postby Enroni » 02 Feb 2019 18:11

What good phrase

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Postby Timothydip » 03 Feb 2019 10:01

Not sure I see the issue. When I open the board--i.e., "Suggestion Box"--I simple click on the little box by the thread title that says "NEW", and it takes me to the first unread post.

Did I mis understand what it is you were looking for?

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Re: easy and pro flash failed with bricked mini 2

Postby Yilia1988 » 02 Sep 2019 19:27

Frankly, not only your iPad mini 2 but also iPhone and iPod touch can easily get stuck in recovery mode and won't turn on to become bricked. Try to force restart the device, restore with iTunes or reset it to factory settings via DFU mode in iTunes. If all fails, you can give one more try to Joyoshare UltFix iPad system recovery, which can help to repair the possible software-related issue without causing data loss or damage. :P

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