iphone screens stopped working after 12.0.1

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iphone screens stopped working after 12.0.1

Postby Wayhman » 04 Mar 2019 18:51

my iphone x's screen broke so I got it replaced with a first copy screen and it was working perfectly fine on ios 12.0.0 and when I updated to 12.0.1 the upper half of my screen stopped working and after trying many times I was able to downgrade to 12.0.0 and it went back to working perfectly fine. yesterday, I was hoping that 12.1.4 would work normally so I upgraded (my Activity application and Apple watch sync was acting up). once I upgraded, the upper part of my screen stopped working again.. the issue is that I can't downgrade to 12.0.0 anymore since it is not signed by Apple... could you please help in either letting me know if there is hope to downgrade to 12.0.0 OR whether there is something that can be done on any other version that would make the screen work properly again?


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