[Activation] [Help] Re-Activate iPhone 6s 9.3.3.

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[Activation] [Help] Re-Activate iPhone 6s 9.3.3.

Postby smythius » 18 Sep 2019 13:08

Can someone help me get my device to re-activate? I have an iPhone 6s jailbroken on 9.3.3 and after a reboot on Friday the 13th it suddenly prompted me to activate the device again. It already had the language and region settings and my WiFi info. All my settings and info are still there, it just won't let me past the iPhone setup. When attempting to activate via phone or iTunes I get an error that the OS needs to be updated in order to activate. please help me get back into my phone. Updating this device isn't an option. I went out and spent the $1100 on a new phone so that I could keep this one where it was.

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Re: [Activation] [Help] Re-Activate iPhone 6s 9.3.3.

Postby Yilia1988 » 16 Mar 2020 19:38

It seems the 6 solutions here can help you fix iPhone activation error efficiently, including "Start Over" to reset iPhone again, check network connection, restart iPhone, check SIM status, activate with iTunes and repair with UltFix iPhone system recovery tool.

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