How to Backup Whatsapp data

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How to Backup Whatsapp data

Postby msatriap » 16 Jul 2020 10:50

Please help, when i flash my iphone to 13.6 version and before doing that, I back up the data first using 3utools with full back up, but when i restored the data. i have a problem with my whatsapp apps because all data chat, call logs and everything in my whatsapp is missing
i want to ask how to restore the message my whatsapp

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Re: How to Backup Whatsapp data

Postby taabi » 01 Aug 2020 00:23

You too?
due to some malfunction I want to restore my iPhone to factory settings but don't want to lose WhatsApp data. I am still finding a way to solve this problem.
By seeing your problem I think 3uTools is not supporting WhatsApp or any other data. Am I correct?

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