Your front camera maybe changed

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Your front camera maybe changed

Postby N_S_M » 25 Jul 2020 21:39

I have got my iPhone 6s screen changed a few times by a third party service centre. Recently, I used ‘3Utools’ to check for hardware changes. Everything was fine except it is showing ‘your front camera maybe changed.’ I did get my screen replaced a few times but not my front camera. Does this happen when we replace the screen? I am a little bit worried about the security of the device.

Could any hardware change like that of a front camera lead to compromise in device security?

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Re: Your front camera maybe changed

Postby jc_3u » 28 Jul 2020 17:25

are you sure that the front camera hasn't been changed?
In 3uTools you can see the original serial no of the camera and the current one. If they don't match, than your camera may have actualy be changed.
But I don't think that this will result in a scurity risk.


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